samedi 16 mai 2015

Run, boy, run for the girl (she's running so fast)!

Description: a fair naked girl running in the magic half-light of the virgin forest, a soldier's trying to catch her (cos she's the enemy!) but she's running too fast and bouncing too high; but, butwhat's in his left hand? Is he really going to shoot such a lovely girl...!? 

      I've made the drawing above for my space opera novel “Promised Land” which should be released in the centuries to come. Well, in the beginning, it was supposed to be just a sketch with pencil before the real thing, with water colors or pastels or... I don't know, at any rate many bright colors. But I found this black and white so magic with the strange light of the rainforest than I finally chose to go on this way. It is a little bit more elaborated than a normal sketch of my own but I drew it fast, almost as fast as the girl's running.)

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